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European Championship Qualification - 2015
2015 07 27 15:00Lithuania - Sweden0:14
2015 07 28 19:00Austria - Lithuania9:7
2015 07 29 15:00Belarus - Lithuania4:10
2015 07 30 15:00Lithuania - Israel7:5
2015 07 31 11:00Poland - Lithuania11:0

Lithuanian National team finished in 5th place
2013 07 27

Yesterday, in the last game of the European Group B-Level Championship in Vienna (Austria), Lithuania lost to the home team Austria 2-3.

Even before the game, Lithuania had a guaranteed 5th place, and in case of winning could not move up anymore. Austria guaranteed themselves first place afte...

Lithuania dropped two more places in the IBAF rating
2012 12 07

International Baseball Federation (IBAF) updated the 2012 rating. 72 countries out of 124 IBAF members were rated. Lithuania dropped from 47th to 49th place, and between the 40 members of Confederation of European Baseball dropped from 14th to 15th place. Between its rivals in 2013 European Group B ...

Lithuania - 47th in the IBAF rating
2012 09 20

In the International Baseball Federation rating, Lithuania dropped from the 45th place to 47th. Just as last year, Cuba is the leader in the rating, and U.S.A. is not far behind. Japan passed South Korea to take the third place.

Lithuania rose to the 14th place between the European countries....

Lithuanian National Baseball team is playing in Prague's Baseball Week
2012 06 28

Traditional international baseball tournament Prague's Baseball Week 2012 started yesterday in Prague, Czech Republic, where the Lithuanian national team is playing between the 12 teams from 10 countries. The beginning of the tournament did not go well for the Lithuanian team. In the first Group B g...

November Update: news and happenings in Lithuanian Baseball
2009 11 11

Lithuanian Championship 'Closing Ceremonies' to be held Nov. 15
The annual 'Closing Ceremonies' will be held in Vilnius on Sunday, November 15th. The event will include an awards ceremony as well as bowling for all participants.

Neverauskas Returns from Successful trip to Pirate...